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Some Zorst Sounds.

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Guys.....i took some recordings tonight of my zorst.

Before i start ill let you know that when i was accellerating hard its deafening as there was alot of turbo whistling meaning that it sounds like a woman screaching! so have your volums dial ready


Start up and driving fown the road at 30

Pulling away at lights and taking it to 90 in 4th ((SOUND ALERT))

Stuck behind a Chelsea Tractor ....then pulling away past it ((SOUND ALERT))

Putting the car to rest for the night

Ill try and do some more sound recordings with the mic under the car sometime or with some sound proofing near it.
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:) :) :)
Sounds a wee bit like my tractor at low speed! :D Must admit I was waiting for the TTSSssshhhh sound! Get yourself a dump valve. Still sounds wicked tho! :twisted:
What zorst do you have and do you have some pic of it?
not bad alex. im thinking of ways to record mine, how did you go about it?
microphone stuck to the back bumper and a laptop recording the sound. Now ive got the in car PC ill be working on some proper sounds/Vids.
i bet it dont sound like that in the car them clips wont do it justice .... better doing an in car one or drive by, sounds too old van like sorry mate ..
Yup sounds a bit naff in the sound clips,

In person it doesn't sound like that though!! :wink:
No i can imagine i aint having a go but those clips are a bit poor and i dont think they give you the proper effect .... to be fair to alex it aint going to be easy to get the desired effect ....
I agree with you mate, sounds a bit tinny in the videos!!!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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