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Sound of the 225

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This is a bit of a mad question but a friend of mine was chatting to another 225 driver the other day and he said his 225 sounds a bit more beefy than mine I.E the normal 225 with no mods. When he asked him if he had a dump valve fitted or anything else he said no he has just turned something up somewhere on the car but my friend didn’t know what. I have not heard his car so I’m not sure if its any different. Any of you guys know what it could be.
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I got mine with 10k on the clock
and i have now done over 20k, i wonder if its to do breaking in
cos mine sounds a bit louder than it did, not much but sounds more growlier
probably the exhaust falling to bits though :oops:
I think it was mainly in the gear change or when you boot it you get the whisstle sound. Prob is to do with running it in
think i know wat hes turned up :D

prob find he has turned up the boost by turning the actuator arm up ie winding the nut up a couple of turns, this will 110% change the note from the exhaust.
Yeah it whistles like a good un!
i did it after you said andy and had it whistling out the back of the exhaust!
Its mental!
i wound all the way in!
If you watch the boost gauge it rockets to about 0.9/1 Bar and
then settles at 0.8
Where is that Actuater arm located then
we started some thing now. :lol:

mine did it to, it boosts to a bar then the ecu makes it drop back down to it standard boost but there is still some getting through as you can here the not from the zorst change.

here two pics of the actuator, you will need to remove the heat shield over the turbo to do it

follow the direction of the red arrow to get more boost, but remember no more boost will be aceived as the ecu wont allow it but it will make the zorst sound different and it will make you DV louder if you run one

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Just three 10mm bolts for the cover!

There's not much room and as Andy will vouch for me its tricky pulling the arm back onto the wastegate once wound in!
Thanks for the help I im really greatful
phil said:
Just three 10mm bolts for the cover!

There's not much room and as Andy will vouch for me its tricky pulling the arm back onto the wastegate once wound in!
just pull and grit your teeth :D goes on in the end
what long term effect does this have and does it damage the engine i.e running higher boost but without extra cooling n stuff, is it like a resistor mod on ebay where it just increase the preassure without proper ecu alterations ?? id do it but i fear it would knacker the car :?

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vant seeing it having any long term damage as the ecu wont allow the boost to boost if you know wat i mean, butit does slightly boost more inturn changing the tone from the zorst as phil has found out
will get the spanner out at weekend wwwaaaahhhoooo
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

if you feel it dont do nothing no harm done you just put it bach again, wen the engines cold as it gets :shock: :shock: :shock: hot round that area :lol:
couldnt wait turned it all the way top tip , took demo car out and it whisled got mine and it didnt thought it would need to break in oh no looks like they have done the actuator trick thanks sounds mint :D :D :D :D
Did mine yesterday and it does feel a little more willing when you boot it.............much to an Uno Turbo's disappointment this afternoon :lol:
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