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Spare leads?

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In my steep learning I screwed up again... Im sure there is someone out there that has replaced the front speakers in the meggy and has not used the original connectors ... (and has not thrown them out either) could you please give me a shout?...

I need the connector that fits into the speaker...

thank you all!

PS: And if you dont have the connector but have good advice regarding how to connect the leads to the speaker, please post your suggestion. Ive tried the exposed soldering points you see in the image and they are "pre-coil, so are the other soldering points to either side
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Just get some crimp connectors for the spade terminals. I think you can even get adaptors in Halfrauds for this kind of thing.
If you get the ones with a soft rubbery insulator that slides off you can just solder them to the wire. Or just remove the insulator altogether, solder it on and then put some heat shrink tubing over the top.

As far as getting them to stick on properly in the first place a proper crimp tool is the best way rather than pliers. Pliers tend to crush the connector whereas a crimp tool will apply the correct pressure all the way around the connector.
The connectors in the space on your speaker are just spade terminals. If you get the matching connector you can stick it on the speaker wire and then just slide it onto those spade connectors.

Something like these will do the job
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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