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Spare Wheel for sale....

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Anyone wanting spare wheels i have got 2 left with tyres
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Are they the standard 225 alloys with Conti's on? If so I am interested.

Yes,Tyres have 12000 miles wear
Let me know how muck you want for 1.

Dont forget to keep one for me carl :D

See you Feb 14th/15th

How much?
:shock: Fook me! How did you get 12000 out of them? Mine where shagged after 8!
if you can post for that price m8 I'll take it
Think that will cost a lot
have a check into it m8 I've never posted a single one before, I posted 4 once and that was 50 quid
I bought 1 a few months back, only cost £14 postage from Jersey to me in the North West.
I want it I have just messaged you
is the wheel still available
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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