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Speeding !!!

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Dear All

Thought I would pass this on as I am sure it applies to most of us.

Following the Governments Freedom of Information Act, you can now gain access to speed camera offences registered in the last 12 months.

Did you know that every time your vehicle goes past a speed camera, even if you are only 1 mph over the set limit it is registered and put onto a
database? You only get prosecuted if you are way over the limit OR (this is the bit that is not common knowledge) if you receive over 20 near misses , then you will become classed as a serial offender and will be prosecuted the next time you go just over the limit, even by one or two miles per hour. This is why you hear of people being prosecuted for doing 31 or 34 in a 30 mph limit area, whilst other doing 39 mph do not, but they are recorded on the database. This is particularly relevant considering the number of cameras on the M60 during the past 2 years during the redesign of the motorway.

You can check what has been registered against your vehicle to see how far off the 20 times over the limit you are.

The URL is

You will be asked for a password but just click on the 'need a password link' and you will be given one for future use.

If there is any data on your vehicle you can click on the camera window to see a copy of the photograph.
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Thats old I put that on months ago.
:shock: I've not been anywhere near middlesborough! :shock:
I was mid way through replacing my poo-stained underpants when i clicked the link!
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