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any one gone against focus st as a couple of lads are going to a roaling road next month and will no doubt race along there private air strip .... :lol:
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Not yet, ive seen one, but he decided to sit behind me. They say can't stand the heat, better stay out the kitchen :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
i had ago against one the end of last year done him at the light twice, at the 3rd set he told me he was running it in and tried to me of the lights but just had him, they are quick so get your racing head if you have ago at one
cheers mate good to know ...running it in :lol:

I took the ST out for a test drive. To be honest, I was very disappointed in it. It certainly does not feel as quick as the 225 and does not give the same driving thrill. It is a little too refined for my liking. On the positive side, the exhaust note is very nice.
I passed a blue one at the roundabout the other day and was really disapointed in the looks department. The height of it almost bordered on a MPV.
but on the other side as well its got a 5 cylinder 2.5 turbo engine in as we all know, so if they start tuning them up with remaps etc expect some fast as fook STs out there.
That engine is de tuned from 260bhp anyway so RS Tuning had better build a good exhaust cos we gonna need all we can get to stay in front!
we will be ok with ours up to around the 280bhp mark then we got to look at changing turbos etc to try and get bigger power,

with the re-map, zorst inc de-cat filter, intercooler we got to be looking at around the 280 mark
I agree with what Morgs said. I took an ST-3 on a test drive the other day, and as a bit of a Focus fan I expected it to be amazing. However I came away pretty disappointed. The noise it makes is fantastic, but it sounds less angry than the 225 and just felt plain slower. The interior felt cheaper and the driving position was a bit weird, as well - the Recaro seat was too flat and the wheel didn't come out far enough. The super-light clutch was very off-putting as well after the Renault's weighty pedal action.

I'm sure on the right road its chassis would come up trumps but my first impressions were a bit of a let-down.
andy bassett said:
we will be ok with ours up to around the 280bhp mark then we got to look at changing turbos etc to try and get bigger power,

with the re-map, zorst inc de-cat filter, intercooler we got to be looking at around the 280 mark
If we can hit 300bhp with 15 psi theres other things you can do before needing a new turbo. Breathing is most important, so a flowed and ported head can give good gains. Then you want cams to make most of the flow. i had this work done on my integrale and after a proper set up/rechip on the rolling road gained over 100bhp! Most of your power comes from extra boost, but the way it goes in and out can have a great effect.
one of my mates owned north west intergrale hes got a stratos at the mo
Nice! I'd love anothe integrale but the running cost would kill me. I apid £1800 insurance when I was 22. Good job i didnt tell them about the extra horses.
my concern is all this enthusuatic talk about tuning will end as soon as PSI has increased and cat back or induction is fitted. only need some elses map to remap or get one of the millions of companies to make a custom exhaust or universal filter for induction.

your right when it comes to serious tuning inlet mainfold work and some cams will take advantage of remapping no end and 300hp should be well possible (although clutch may not be happy) but knowone i know of will bother all most TB tuners do is stick a big laggy turbo on and more importantly will ktec or RS-Tuning know how to map properly to new reprofilled or wilder cams + inlet work ???

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ohh btw to ST will remap to about 260hp at first. its the same engine from the 2.5T volvo s60 but the lbft these things push out is always higher due usually to engine design and the fact it has a 20v engine rather than 16v this bears truth when you look at the LBFT potencial of the highly tuned/used 1.8T Vag engine as its a 20v also they usually produce more LBFT than BHP !

then again the 2.3T T5 volvo remaps from 250 to 310 ! 60hp increase and huge torque (poilce cars usually) thats running a higher preasure turbo, the 2.5T of the focus wont go to 310 without the same sort of tuning a Megane will need although it will have more torque, but then again it weighs more so its swings and roundabouts really.

ohh the 2.5T is heavy up front and even though its a ford performance car with exellent handling there have been some complaints of a rubbery steering feel, nose heavy handling and slightly soft pedal feel from quite a few reviewers.

the megane cup was claimed by Evo Magazine to have "astonoshing Grip for a car of its type !" so its not just about cheesy 1/4mile or drag runs down your local bypass

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I had a bravo hgt many moons ago, and that was front heavy due to the 5 pot engine. Its a lot of weight to try and get to change direction.
I drove an ST yesterday and thought that I would post a few opinions. I did about 20 miles through town, semi-urban and about 10 on a motorway.

"am I immune?"

Firstly it didnt feel that fast.

My last 3 cars have been Astra Sri (2.2), RS-225 and currently a Civic Type-R so I might be getting a bit de-sensitized to hot hatches.

But it was quick in a brutal way without being exciting :?

When I first drove the 225 back in 2004 I was blown away. This left me feeling rather underwhelmed. Its very heavy, I know it is literally heavy but it FEELS heavy. When you put the power down there is quite a lot of turbo lag. I was disappointed that I couldnt always feel the turbo come in :(

" the turn-in ability of a nimitz-class destroyer"

Turn-in isnt sharp and it doesnt feel at all nimble. Long sweeping cornering was great beacuse the whole car feels SO planted at speed. The lump under the bonnet has shed loads on torque (feels like you could tow an aircraft carrier) and there is pin sharp-throttle response but the turbo lag takes the edge of that.

"I thought u'd be louder"

The noise...... Well I had high hopes for the noise after reading about the bespoke acoustic solution channeling "good" engine noise into the cabin whilst keeping out the road noise . it started well..... First junction and i feather the throttle waiting for a gap, it burbles and pops on lift-off like its WRC big-brother. Pedestrians turn and stare. YES I am thinking, this is goood.

I pull into the fast moving traffic and let it go to about 4500. The engine has a deep gruff note that isnt bad, but it is pretty muted. Maybe it gets louder as it revs I think. It doesnt. I nail it on the motorway sliproad all the way to 7k and the same through 2nd. It gets a bit more urgent, a gruff-barking sound but it isnt ever loud enough, I can talk over it to the StealerRep who is gripping the seat next to me.

Admittedly I am used to the Honda 2.0l iVTEC powerplant which sings to you, but this sounds more like a sherman tank than an F1 car.

"subtle it aint"

The interior reflects the drive imo. Its all big and solid without ever being refined. The wheel is thick in your hands, the same with the gear-shift. The seats are good, supportive and well made. But they feel supportive in a "i cant get out", claustrophobic sorta way. I found it all a bit numb and imposing at the same time.

"Just the facts man, just the facts"

I never felt like I wanted to spend time in this car. Dont get me wrong, its not bad, in fact I think that it is a very very good car.

At the price-point its value, no question. I would probably even get used to it and end up enjoying owning one.

But for me its a very quick familly motor with a bit of extra styling. But it didnt feel like a hot-hatch. It doesnt lend itself to "hot-hatchy antics". If I bought that car today I wouldnt waked up at 2am and wonder if the wife would notice me sneaking out to put a quick 20 miles on the clock. And I want to wake up thinking that.

It doesnt have that extra thing that cars like the 225, FRS, CTR have. That driveability, the ability to make you grin like an idiot for no reason. The thing that makes u park, lock it, walk away and not be able to stop yourself looking back and smiling (u know u do it !!!!).

"So Vol, whats your next car gonna be?"

dunno, but it wont be a Focus-ST
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Vol said:
"So Vol, whats your next car gonna be?"
Megane RS, Megane RS, Megane RS :lol: :lol:
Awesome review mate, what forums are made for...done me a load of good as I was thinking of getting an ST and well I am glad I didnt!!!!
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