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Hi Webcode, wondered if you can help.

I had the car go in some months ago for a knocking noise on the steering when changing direction at low speeds i.e. parking, the car went in and they repaired it by adjusting the torque settings of a nut on the steering setup. I seem to remember you mention that Renault tech have since changed this fix for something else and have told dealers not to use the original torque setting fix. Can you tell me if I need to take mine back in to get it sorted properly, or if the torque setting fix will do. I don't want this to affect anything else on the car if it is not correct.

Many thanks


the Old fix was to retorque the U/J bolt to 38Nm.. However this did not cure the knocking problem..

The Latest/correct fix is to Remove the old Nut and Bolt from the lower steering column U/J and throw it away.. then apply some specific silicon adhesive to the back of the U/J bracket. Then refix the U/J using a NEW Nut and Bolt torqued to 28Nm..

You can tell whether your has had the silicon applied by looking into the drivers footwell at the U/J.. (you might have to pull the carpet back a little) You should be able to see some Pink coloured silicon between the steering column U/J and steering rack pinion..

It shouldn't click.. The reason the U/J does make the noise is that the U/J bracket knocks against the Steering rack pinion. The Adhesive is added to stop the metal to metal contact at that spot..

There are some other reasons you maybe getting noises..

1: The Engine Subframe Rear mounting bolts may need Retorquing.

2: The Steering rack mounting Bolts may need Retorquing..

There are solutions for the these on Dialogys/Actis..
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