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'STOP' warning/ handbrake issue

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Hi Webcode,

Just a quick note to make a query about my 55 plate RS Megane. This seems to be an intermittent fault but occasionally when pulling away from standstill I get the 'STOP' and handbrake on light flashing and beeping. The handbrake is genuinely off at this point i.e I haven't left it on on even slightly on. It also does not happen every time or and it doesn't seem to sepend on whether I pull away slowly or attempt an F1 style start. The 'fault' also clears after a couple of seconds and only returns when a move off from standstill is required.

Could it be a connection/ sensor problem or it is a genuine handbrake issue? Many thanks in advance for your help, all the best.

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mate, sorted it yet? if not, have a look at the brake fluid levels in the bottle and top it up, sorted mine out straight away.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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