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Sunday 30th June

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Trip out to Hartside. Meet in Darlington, Morton Park 0930. A few on have said they will attend so should be a great day out.
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Could be up for this Simon, where exactly is Hartside ?
It's sought of towards Weardale then head west. You get very high up in the mountains! By the time you get down the other side you're not far from Penrith. A stop at the bottom is essential to cool the brakes. I went up there for the first time in January and have to say its the best road I have ever driven on. It is awesome Jonny!
Nobody fancy this? Be a great day, awesome roads.
Only me then ! I'll meet up with you somewhere to travel to Darlo
Could fancy this too! I'm off that weekend, depends on weather though :lol:
Yes! I agree with that Nick. Weather is key, not going if its pouring down. After the last visit earlier this year I cannot wait to get up there again. I'll try not to cook my brakes again mind!
Only me then ! I'll meet up with you somewhere to travel to Darlo
Yep, that would be great Jonny!
Getting a good crowd on attending now. I think there is a guy staying in Darlington the night before with a 250 too!
Staying in Darlo ? Where's he coming from ?!?!
He's booked the hotel! Now there's commitment!
You say it's not far from Penrith? On a 20 min ride out for me! Could be interested in this.
About 15 miles Ric. Once you've been, you'll want to keep going back, just fun fun and more fun!
Hello to all, sorry for jumping in but is this to Hartside pass with the cafe at the top.
If so am gutted am working, its a great drive i do it from Ryton through Hexham everytime i go to the lakes.
I will be up for this ! live in Stillington so darlo is just down the road
1 - 20 of 83 Posts
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