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Sunday 30th June

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Trip out to Hartside. Meet in Darlington, Morton Park 0930. A few on have said they will attend so should be a great day out.
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Hello ppl is there a meet on 2mora? If so where abouts, meeting places and time pls, computer been **** won't load previous pages (signal problem)
0930 at Darlington, Morton park. Then up to Hartside via Barnard Castle, Middleton in Teesdale. A few meeting up there. Advertised on 4 forums and by the look of it should be around the 20 mark as far as cars attending are concerned!
Thank u very much appreciate that, will try and sort a couple out from up here to go down with and meet yous there, hope weather b nice
Ok no bother will c yous at Darlington about 9 30 ish there's another 2 cars 2 add 2 the collection lol
I'm not sure now I've lost count but its going to be a huge meeting that is for sure! See you in the morning.
Sounds good hope it's nice and everyone turns up, leaving durham services at 9 30 so not b long, yous leaving at 10?
Had a really good day enjoyed it, think my brakes r still cooling down lol
Yeah m8 there were 3 yellow 1s, couple of others, 200's and clio's, about 15 of us altogether, what time were u up there?
Yeah I did have a blue 1, but sold it and got a LY 1 but just did get round to changing the photos on here sorry lol, yeah I think u were in front of me just after we left darlo, it was very nice canny quick 2, think u were racing another LY 1 lol
He was trying to keep up with me! I was driving slowly to give him half a chance!:)
hahaha lol I thought u just loved the rear bumper of that megane soooooooooooooo much lol
Yeah I know it was a good day out, I know was crazy driving through darlo etc, ppl waiting ages 2 get of junctions lol, enjoyed it loads
1 - 10 of 83 Posts
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