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Sunday 30th June

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Trip out to Hartside. Meet in Darlington, Morton Park 0930. A few on have said they will attend so should be a great day out.
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Could be up for this Simon, where exactly is Hartside ?
Only me then ! I'll meet up with you somewhere to travel to Darlo
Staying in Darlo ? Where's he coming from ?!?!
Ok, I am going to be coming to this. I am coming in my 225 but two mates are bringing their 5 turbos as well as its not far from all of us and they probably won't break down. I guess we'll meet you there at some point. Any idea of times yet Simon?
5 turbos, niiiiiiice, love them ! Have they been tampered with or standard ?
Where and what time we meeting up for the trip to Darlo Simon ? Nick, you pulling the 250 out of its home to get it mucky then ?
Meeting at 0930 Morton Park Darlington Jonny. Setting off at 10.
I was meaning to meet up in Barwick Simon for the drive to Darlo ?
OG is that Orangey Green, won't miss that. We will be going for something to eat, those that are around may want to meet up. PM me if interested.

Jonny one Black Megane and one special Black Megane 😎
Cheers :D , thanks for saying mines special :p
What an absolute corker of a day for a spin out, looking forward to this :):):)
Had a really good day enjoyed it, think my brakes r still cooling down lol
Didn't see any F1s up there mate ? Were you up at The Hartside cafe ?
Couple of pics from Cliosport...

Like you say Simon, that road is absolutely epiiiiiiiiiiiic, cracking day out :)
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We're in that pic jonny lol
I just assumed from your avatar you must have a blue 225 F1, so you have a LY R26 ? I was up there when the main bunch we there, mine was the black 265 with the JLL plate
1 - 14 of 83 Posts
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