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Sunny MOnterrey

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FInally...Here ase some pics of my beauty...At last the rain stop and I was able to wash the car...I will try to take some other pictures today...

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looks bloody lovely matey
Those wheels look awesome! :shock:
What measures do your tyres have?
Isn´t it a lovely ass...I think that is the best one I´ve ever seen... :D :D
My wife kills me if she could see this :evil: :evil: ...Thanks good only folks like the Megane´s..

Shoone grosse aus Mexico
Looks awesome mate. Get some tyre shine in the arches next time :wink:
Front one are 235/35/19 and the ones in the back are 245/35/19...That´s because the back alloys...They are bigger than the front ones.
Smooth 8) Now you'll need just to lower 30mm :wink:
Wheels look sweet, desperately needs lowering tho mate. :wink:
one question for you matey, do you hace any more info on the alloys like wat pdc they are and offset and width, they do look good and a nice 40mm drop will make it look the dogs,
Look a bit good them mate!!

Just need a few bags of cement in it now, and it'll be lowered lovely! :wink:
Here is some info about the alloys..

THe size of the one that I have on the car is 19x8" in the front and 19x9" in the back..THis model is called "Stiger"...To tell you the truth i don´t know why.
That's the reason because the wheels size(235/35/19 and 245/35/19). I've already review the chance to drop the car, but the problem is the offset. I'm not able to do it because it will be robbing with the arch. I'm having this problem right know without any lowering springs :x :x
take a look on the 3rd. picture to see the offset of the wheel..

Thanks for the comments
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Get some trophy disks on there aswell m8, will look awesome. :wink:
Take your wheel arch linings out then matey!!

Paint some sealer unfer there and hey presto no rubbing.
Your're right Andy.. :wink: :wink:
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