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supercharged clio v6

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Coorrrrr I'd have some of thaaaaat!!!! :shock:
Nice speed....

the in car noise would drive me potty though!
The screech before he changes up is annoying
:shock: MENTAL :shock:

WANT ONE :lol:
oh dear. oh my god. i NEED one!

alex, granted its noisy, but it sounds wonderful!!
FEAR THIS! :shock:
I´d like to take one to the next Autobahn! :mrgreen:
watch the clio sleeper and more on the v6..................... :D
Haha at fred, and bless Jeremy! (so jealous of his liquid vee)
225karl said:
Oh yes.....get in....well up for one of those!
had a quote from ktec for this and they said bout 8-10k for supercharger :cry: :cry:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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