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Potted History

Order 225 cup old shape end sept 2005
New car arrives at dealers early nov. Drops off transporter. Car wriiten off.
Replacement ordered after Reg Vardy unhappy to do the car at the same price.
Car ready for pick up 28th Dec. Discover that 'it is going to have to be pre-reg', not split new as agreed at first. Car rejected. Reg Vardy are pieces of shit, don't touch them.
New car ordered 26/1.
Mid Feb. Car arrives at reno dealer in bradford. Have to arrange shit.
Mid Feb plus a couple of days. Complex fracture on Tibia / Fibia. Full length cast.
Two weeks ago, car delivered.
Last week. Forest Gump caliper arrangement fitted to fecked leg...with real bendable knee.
Today. Drive in car.
As above plus 30 minutes. joker coming other way on small road forces me into a ditch at about 40. Wheels covered in mud.
As above plus 10 minutes. Home. Wheels washed. Chipped on two spokes half way paint taken off.

Anyway...the point. Any ideas on what I could use to touch up the chip and the scratch. 225 cup with anthracite wheels. Advice would be sweet.

don't want to worry you fella, but have you ever seen the film
' final destination '????? :wink:
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