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Big thanks to Artic monkey for this.

RS-Tuning = stage 1 - £305 + VAT. £200 for the remote box in a group buy (remote box means where ever you live the map can be sent to you loaded onto your car and also reads fault codes on the engine. You don’t need this but helps us southern lot as no travel cost!) No mods are needed and you will expect 255-265bhp/ 260-280lbs of torque.

Stage2 = RS Tuning approx £200 + VAT on top of stage1's price! Uprated intercooler Is required for this. (I have a forge £400 bargain) expected gains of 260-275bhp/300-340lbs of torque. Stage 2 runs approx 1.6 bar of boost max.

For bigger gains you can get an exhaust (£300-438) Decat (£190) Injectors (around £350 inc fitting and mapping) and air filter (Panel= £45/ open filter can fetch to £200 plus battery re-location)
With these you can expect 275-290bhp/340-350lbs of torque.

Stage 2 has to be done in house to custom map it to your car. This can be done at RS-Tuning or TDF.

As its a turbo'd car the after market exhaust's aren’t that loud. Take the scorpion 2.5" system my friend has, as quiet as standard on idle but when you want to plant your foot its an epic jet sound!

I have the K-tec 3” system with decat and here’s a link to the sound clip….

Sound Clip, Click Here

There are two with very similar names. RS-tuner and RS-tunings remote box. The RS-tuner is from Europe and can be loaded with a generic map or you download your cars ECU files, send it to a guy called Henk and he custom maps it then sends it back for you to download to your car.

The box can be used as a data logger and save your engine stats that you can read on your PC. It's much cheaper than RS-Tunings one.

The RS-Tuning remote box is sent to you then you download data from the website and connect the tuner to your car.

Stage 1 is a generic map but it can be tweaked in house to your car if you travel to either RS-tuning or TDF.

Stage 2 has to be done on the rollers to adjust the map to your car.
These maps are more expensive but there have been no problems with them and most on this forum have Paul’s maps and there great and safe for our cars.


The forge is the best for your buck out of the vast range but if you wanted to pay the extra £80-90 then the K-tec one sits ever so slightly lower to get a better air flow.
To be honest they are very similar so no worry’s on what one to get!
A decat would be a great buy for the best power results! Over 10hp and torque across the rev range with either map, and turbo spoils up 200rpm earlier! MOT is an issue If you have no friendly tester - Some choose to run sport cats due to this.

Another power giver is up rated injectors as the standard ones are on their limits with stage2 and hold the car back. This again will give up to 10hp across the rev range with a map. Injectors now are only being sold and mapped along with the hybrid turbo.

For acceleration you will be looking at sub 5secs with the top mods but it’s the in gear power that people underestimate.

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