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Thoughts on F1 special

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Seen an F1 special in Kitchens Burnley today.Love the colour :D (thank god,I ordered a 5dr Full Fat Ultra Blue myself without seeing the colour in the flesh) but i think the glossy wheels/wing mirrors and decals look tacky and a little bit shit.Personally think as a special it lets the rest of the range down. :roll:
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i went to look at one in the showroom @ arnold clark, warrington.

pretty much the same opinion m8, looked nice colour, but the decals and the gloss alloys ruin it.

yeah it is.Didn't like the blue alcantara on the seats either.
I think its a good thing that the F1 divides opinions, its great for giving the 225 the exposure it deserves, Obviously lairy graphics and black wheels arent going to appeal to everyone but then the rest of the 225 range can cater for you by been a bit more erm chilled out shall we say. All in all I think the F1 is a very good move on renaults part. After all the 225 f1 is essentially Renaults top of the range right now
Doesn't look like a range topper to me. :? I think they have made a mistake with it.Remember the Pug 306 rallye.It was a stripped out 306 gti6.And i felt that the gti6 was the nicer car.I think its same with the meg,I prefer the full fat,Then if you prefer your hatch to be be a bit more hard core get the cup chassis.Don't get me wrong i love Renaults but feel they rip us off.They brought out the std 225 which took a slating from the press etc then brought out a "limited edition",then brought out the cup pack option,then a face lift and another "special edition" so buyers of any of the early models must be well pissed.Because i think we all like to have the latest and best range model of our chosen car.Sorry to go on but never mind :oops:
:shock: hate it :shock: well not hate it, its just horrid

could have made it alot better if they put some thought into in instead of using the same cup alloys in that horrid black and as for the colour well :shock: ,
they could have gone for yellow if they wanted to keep the F1 apeal to it, and the decails are a shocking touch.
they should have concentrated on a power upgrade before splshing F1 all over it!!!
only thing i like is the seats
soz not my cuppa tea
Love it, best car i've ever seen...

Lying git! :roll:
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I like it in a sick kind of way! wouldn't buy one though as it would look crap once it leaves the show room and starts to get dirty along with wear and tear
white wheel should look better
Should have been 320bhp 4wheel drive and looking a little more like the Trophy Racer! wheels is a better option......put it up on some bricks in a dark alley where nobody can see it.
JamieMac said:
Should have been 320bhp 4wheel drive and looking a little more like the Trophy Racer!
what about the 12pot brakes !! :shock:

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I like it. The 225 stands out, that f1 shouts at everybody. Imagine what VW would have to do to a Golf GTI to get that much attention.

Each to there own I know but many people didnt like the megane 2 shape to start with, me included, but i bet you all have a good gawp if one turns up at FCS.
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