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Just a quick question. I have finally installed the Pioneer TS-Q131C speakers (the ones with the yellow kevlar cone and the magnet in the front). Anyway... the thing is that before changing the speakers, besides the crap overall sound, the dash tweeters had a terrible resonance, making a noise as if they where damaged. I thought that the new pioneer tweeters would solve the problem, but they also have it, better sound now overall, but the tweeters still resonate badly at higher volumes...

I am concerned that, after lobbying with wife for a new HU, the problem will persist because it is not caused by the OEM HU itself but due to something else I am not considering...

I reeeeally need your feedback guys!



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andy bassett said:
hello mate. not is all going well with this for you is it.
No... Not exactly...

The thing is that I havent yet changed the HU... and Im wondering if that vibration is caused by the HU just distorting or something else... I would cut one of my testiclés off if I change the HU, plus stalk controls and everything and the damn vibration is still there...

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cactusbob said:
What are the new fronts like quality wise? Much better than the OEM ones?
Much much much better!

(besides a strange tweeter vibration under certain frequencies. This also happened with the original tweeters too... so i dont know whats happening)

PS: any idea re. the rears?

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Alonso (or anyone else who's fitted the Q131C's)... How much space is there behind the back of the speaker? I know it's tight, but there must be a few mm - the Focal's (which we know fit) are a few mm deeper than the Q131's - just how tight is it though? (roughly)

Reason I ask is that a friend has suggested these...

The fact that they come with a Renault specific tweeter bracket is suggestive, but the mids are a couple of mm deeper again than the Focals.

Any help appreciated

(Of course if I wasn't such an impatient bu**er I could always wait a week until I get the car and look myself...... :lol: )

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No reason to go beyond the TSQ131Cs... Focals do fit, in depth terms, but bloody expensive... plus you dont get the drop.connect.enjoy. The Pioeers are made for the Megane. Its the only product in the pioneer catalogue that is made specifically for a single model and the only one that gets in own page in the catalogue...

Re. the space ... not much... maybe 5mm
between the magnet and the water shield...

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I just wrapped some electrical tape around the end of a small screwdriver (to protect the dash) and prised the cover off. The covers aren't particularly tight and they are made of quite flexible plastic so they don't get damaged when you do it
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