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TomTom 300 question...

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Got a TomTom 300 and was wondering if anyone had bought the extras CDs on e-bay.

Noticed some of them on there and they offer Speed Camera Locations as well. Anyone used em?? Do they work??
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No wonder your lost driving that french thing :oops:
I dont think you need to worry about speed cameras darling :roll:

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And drives an Audi Titty, what a poof :? :?
How rude i am a Lady and you know it.
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No steroids just don't have time for cross dressing, gay car drivers!
I am sure it was you i had to over take last week while your car was broken down on the hard shoulder . How embarassing being over run by a Lady :lol:


Perhaps you need some Tlc
Pm me by all means :wink:
Doubt it was actually mate but you sound like an ignorant typical TT driver.

Besides this post actually had a point to it so do you mind f-ing right off.
Think your missing the point alex check out this thread and you might understand whats going on :lol:


I did see that post but that guy is still irritating! :lol:

I just wanted my question answered haha
They offer add-ons for the TomTom such as speed cameral locations and splash sreens for it.

They are only about £5 so i might just get one and see.
i got one, but the only thing with it is you need to transfer all the info on the mem card onto a bigger one then add the cameras and the other voices like yoda ozzy etc, got a couple on mine but i do need a bigger card, 512mb should be plenty, can also source you all the maps in the world for £100 if you supply the 2gig card.
you'd get the speed cameras on the existing memory card, not much else though
I had one for about a week before some clevar sh1t thought they'd nick it.

But yea the 300 will hold the speed camera settings easy, i'll send you them if you pm me your email addy.

I'll also tell you how you do it!


Yeah i keep the TomTom with me most of the time.

The mount is in the car and so is the TomTom at the moment but its hidden. BUT i have a big silver cover so no one will see it, plus CCTV plus a big sign telling people in my window haha
Matey my car was in a little close with a car an inch away next to it and a car covering it on the drive (in front)

With no car noise what so ever down the close after 11am but it still got robbed at 6.30 am

Better safe than sorry! :wink:

What cctv have you got mate? Is the quality any good?
I got a camera from E-bay, got it wired up motion sensitive to my PC.

Also got a security light so the front of the house is lit up, quality is good enough to recognise someone.

Helps that the car is completely under cover anyway, it couldn't be much safer haha
How much was it mate if you don't mind me asking,

I think i'll invest in some goodies,

Got the shot gun ready for the next sh1t that comes my way.
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