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Toxic Fume Light Falshing ?? HELP!

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hi my light flashed for maybe a minute then went off while i was queing in traffic, it i rang the dealer and they said may be a "coil problem" and if it happened again ring them . and if the light stays on ring the AA asap !! ,, is this true ?? , and do i get 3years AA cover as part of the warranty??

many thanks in advance ,bob
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Probably a coil, could be an injector. If it stays on just take it to Renault, the AA bloke won't be able to do much. You do get 3 years AA by the way.
Don't worry you're not the only one, loads have had the same problem on here.

Seat LCR's go through coil packs through water also, is it a problem with turbocharged engines in general?
it been ok since , .. il ring em if it happens again...
It's not a problem with turbocharged cars in general, it's a problem with most modern cars that have seperate coils
Why do they have seperate coils? is it one for each plug?
Not to bad then, I'm thinking about if I keep the car over 3 years if its worth getting the extended warranty. The way its performed so far the answer is yes, nothing serious just the usual handles, rattles and bits.

Do you know how much is covered by an extended warranty Alex? And how much renault charge?
Mileage Warranty expires at 1501-2200cc
Low 4 years / 60,000 miles* £500
Low 5 years / 60,000 miles* £800
Medium 3 years / 80,000 miles* £600
Medium 4 years / 80,000 miles* £800
Medium 5 years / 80,000 miles* £1,000
High 3 years / 100,000 miles* £800
High 4 years / 100,000 miles* £1,000
High 5 years / 100,000 miles* £1,200

* from date of first registration.
For low mileage users
Extends your vehicle’s 3 year warranty to 4 or 5 years whilst retaining the 60,000 mile limit.
See less See more
so for us average people its gonna be £500 for another year and £800 for 2 years
Thanks Alex, probably OK with a low 5 year on mine.

Better still chopping it in at 3 years.

im starting to think the same.....keeping it over 3 yrs. Besides the meggy replacement will be here by then. If your turbo pops then thats £1800 right away without warranty!

Based on the fact teh current megane was released in 2003 and that its on phase 2 already its likely to be changed in the next 2-3 years.
Do a search for extended warrenties on the web you'll get them much cheaper than the renault price.

My car has had 3 lots of injector replacements, 1 coil and the whole cylinder head off and apparently the problem is with an injector.
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