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Trip to the Renault F1 Factory @ Enstone Oxfordshire.

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Ive spoken to a contact at work about a possible trip for some members to the factory. This is a chance in a lifetime as the factory is strictly open to invited visitors only.

Let me make this clear before i start that at this present moment we are not going. However to support our application to goto the factory i need possible number of people that would like to go.

Enstone is the home of the Renault F1 team and everything apart from the engine is constructed by hand at the factory. I myself have been to the factory before and you get to see a hell of alot of things. This included when i went there.....

* Design Studio
* Carbon fibre fabrication area
* Making the moulds for the parts out of resin (This bit is crazy!!)
* Parts workshop.
* Car construction area
* Electronics Design and testing area
* Wind Tunnel
* When I was there we also got to see the portable housing lorry where the team works from.

Let me state some things that i can tell you for sure IF we get the ok to make the booking.

* There will be a STRICT MAXIMUM of 12 places available for the tour.
* There would be a fee of appx £50 +/- for those who do attend.
* We will only have 1 visit on 1 day. This will be a weekday only
* The visit would last an afternoon 3 hours +/- appx
* We would need to make a list of possible dates to propose to the factory for the visit.
* If we are allowed to make a booking then the date could be anytime in the next 12 months!

In addition to posting yes/no please can you post some serious reasons justifying our wanting to go and how going there will help renault's image.


More info can be found here about the enstone site.
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Dave please sticky as discussed.
I would like to go because I will get to see cars and women, I am getting excited already :lol:

Keep this one serious mate.
ok count me in 100%

* Carbon fibre fabrication area
do you think they could make me a bonnet on the sly :lol:
count me in also, would be well worth a visit :D
ok I think it would be interesting as my family background as well as all having been in the military, have worked in various engineering industries, such as F1, fighter jets, and Nuclear submarines so as you can understand I will continue to have a passion in this area!!!

See I can be serious :wink: :lol:
I'm there, obviously if they permitted it pics and stuff would be put on the site
Reno F1 Factory Visit

Count me in, it will be nice to meet the only people who can drive faster than me, and they are limited to 70 on the road!!!
The Black Rat can go a lot faster legally!! (obviously when on a job!) :lol:
this would be good for renault uk too, think of the press that it would give them for the launch of there new F1 model..might even get in a few advance orders :wink: :wink: not from me tho, cause i'd be castrated if i even mentioned changing just yet :lol:
The R26 is launched today

Looks nice :)
Can those interested please be sure to vote YES
Yeah that would be cool. My mate colin works there he makes the diff's i think for the F1 cars
I've voted and would love to go.

They only need to review the forums to understand that they'd be entertaining the biggest Renaultsport advocates around. I reckon we must have helped to sell a bunch of cars on Renault's behalf, so partly a reward for dedicated punters and also partly an investment that will pay back in more Renaultsport recommendations.

I think that's a good deal all round....
Yes, I would like to be able to visit the facilities because the chances of me getting a job there are very low. I am an Automotive Engineering student so I think it could be a good LEARNING opportunity. :D
Definate from me.. looks excellent

Would be great as a renault sport enthusiast to see the real performance cars being made :)

I shall let Press know that we have the numbers if needed....Im gonna suggest that they look to supply dates to us but ideally either before the season or during the european leg of the season....this way there is a better chance of seeing more things.

When i went it was 1 week before the season started in australia so we got to see them constructing the car
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