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Selling my girlfriends 05 Trophy, its in as new condition, not a mark on it.
just done 10K.


Any interest please ring 07971 838871



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Had little interest. Know its overpriced. Didn't know what they were worth.

Book value is 13650

Anyone give me 13500??

Trying to compete with someone thats got one for 12k doesn't help!! LOL

Gotta go soon to pay 4 hols. haha

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Hi Andy, new to this forum, i am currently trying to sell my car + i'm interested in the trophy if its still 4 sale.
will give you a call if its gone by the weekend if thats ok, in the meantime best of luck with the sale.
Got an 05 55 plate premier civic type r if u know of anybody that might be interested.
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