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Turbo Gauge

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Hi guys,
I was thinking of installing a turbo gauge, is it something i can do myself?
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it is mate, its a bit of a fiddle getting the vaccum pipe through from the engine bay but it can be done.

done mine my self and fitted it in the cup holder :lol:

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beats filling it up with chewing gum wrappers
Isn't that what it's made for?

Well, sometimes I stick a redbull in there so it doesn't fall over... But then it comes up covered in gum wrappers. =/
andy bassett said:
beats filling it up with chewing gum wrappers :lol:
I use it for car parking change
that looks it.... :D ...will have to pluck up the guts to attempt that the way, what boost is the turbo running?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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