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Turned ASR off!

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Been over to RS Tuning today to have my service intervals reset to 12k (been cautious!) Paul found a command on the clip to switch off the ASR!

Unfortunately at the moment off means off and its not switchable, I havent given it a real thrash yet but you can imagine what 267 bhp and no traction is like lol
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Tell me more, I would love to know how it would change the car for the better
I just find it annoying when it cuts power coming out of corners when really a little slide would do. Provided I dont put it in a ditch I'll write a bit more about it tomorrow when I've had chance to have a proper drive.
look forward to it matey, drive careful!!
well I survived! Found that the car still has traction control so its just the rear wheel braking and annoying power cut you sometimes get mid corner that I've got rid of. Car is a lot better to drive IMO, you get a more true feedback of what the cars doing as obviously the rear wheels applying their own brakes is a bit strange. The traction control seems to handle the corners a lot better on its own as it allows more wheelspin and more of a slide than the ASR did. I rekon come the summer months it will be even better as you basically allowed to use more of the power.

I rekon with the spings done it will make the handling far far better. For legal reasons I dont reccomend disabling safety features tho!
JamieMac said:
Tell me more, I would love to know how it would change the car for the better
oh no. hes got a death wish anyway in that motor :wink:
no hes safe in the transit, round some of them bends by where he lives :? its like being on a rally stage following him
Sorry Andy I will slow down for you next time :wink:

Must be that those heavy old speakers!
hmmmmm :lol: :lol:

Where does one buy a copy of clip from ?

What version of clip are you okes using ?
Re: Clip

Devan said:
Where does one buy a copy of clip from ?

What version of clip are you okes using ?

Version 54 i think

One last Quessie ?

I have a copy of the earlier software.

Do you use a obd to usb cable or do you have the other box that reno uses.



Just managed to lay my hands on version 60- apparently the latest...


Now all I have to do is figure out how it works :twisted:
We have the full blown setup. Exactly the same as renaults. Basically we use an older version due to a reccomendation from renault. It will be interesting to see if you are able to install on a std lappy as there is a massive USB protection board which all the tools plug into.

Doesn't work

I get an error - it says it cannot detect clip - and refuses to load... :cry:

What did the full setup cost ?

P.s the error on my car on the software side has to do with boost pressure sensor which has a maximum preset of 2200 - with the chip it goes to 2900 - when tested with the clip computer plugged in ...

Do you have any idea how to increase the the boost parameter because I do have access to the clip computer at reno.
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