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Tyre Pressure sensor problem

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Hi Webcode or any one else for that matter.

My 225 has decided out of the blue that my front nearside tyre pressure sensor has a fault. God knows why :? :? not changed my tyres recently or had any high impact kerbing.
I have checked my pressures and all wheels are at the correct pressure.
Any ideas ?
Is there a way of resetting them without as trip to Renault ?
Are they covered under warranty ?


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to my knowledge thee tyres have a set position on the car....example.....front left needs to stay on the front left.

Just pop into a dealer and get them to reset it. Either that or the sensor has been damaged during changing......should be covered :)
:? Wheels havent been moved anyway m8 it just decided to have a fault for no apparent reason :?
Also can dirt or bits of salt deposit cause this problem also ?
I will jet wash the wheels & disc areas and let you know .
Maybe a piece of salt or grit or salt deposit has fallen between the sensors


i dont think grit or dirt will be the prob, i remember wen mine broke there a totaly water proof and of course air tight for them to work so nothing should get into them, the only think that ever used to happen to mine was the picture of the car on the dash would loose wheel all together and flash fault, never come up stop puncture, just fault in the message box, then the next it would be back again,
to be on the safe side take it in b4 they try to charge you for a new one £70 + resetting it £70
Jas, i'll sort em next time you are over this way. May just need the set pressures changing.

Paul u have pm
Tyre pressure sensor working this morning just after driving a mile or so, must have been having a bad day weird !
Not come back on since and now confirms i have 4 wheels on my car not just 3.
Bonkers :roll:


I know that they are affected by the ambient temperature!!
You mean the cold weather Jamie.
Or do i need to put some ambient music on in the car i will try that next time it happens :lol:
Yeah coz the 225 doesnt dig bad vibes man!!

I have found that where I live on the coast that we get rapid temperature change which would affect either the sonsor or the tyre pressure itself but it would be fine once driven as it resets every 1/2 mile or something like that!! :lol:
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