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Tyre Wear on Originall Tyres ?

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How are the original fit tyres on your 225 (Full Fat) doing for wear ?
My car is now 15months old with 15,500 miles and I still have 4mm across all 4 tyres. I also had the Eibach Springs fitted over 6months ago and no uneven wear at all :) Reckon I may hit 20,000 before needing a new set :D (80% motorway driver).
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jesus! your doing very well!! ive had a new set on mine and ive done 19k though mine is not a 225.
8k out of the fronts, rears looking about 4mm with current mileage on 14200, you must have an extremely gentle right foot to achieve that milage out of fronts!! :shock:
How do you find the lowering springs by the way? Something I really want to do but dont want to be thrown out of my seat constantly! Love the comfort of the 225 as standard :wink:
My fronts lasted about 11k.... Would have lasted less if the missus hadn't of been driving some fo them....

but that said I have put the second pair of new tyres on and I'm only at 14k..... Punctures!!! See other post.. :(
Im on 7000 miles and they will need replaceing very soon
I went through mine in 9000 miles.....had about 1000 miles left on them.
Hi dools225, would strongly recommend the Eibach Pro-Kit Springs as an upgrade. It transforms the Full Fat, both looks and handling. The best part is that the ride quality of the Full Fat is not compromised at all. Quote "Balanced driving comfort within the normal driving range, progressively more sporty towards the operational limits". I have absolutely no regrets or misgivings as like you I like my comfort. You don't get the bone jarring ride of some other lowering kits as the Eibachs are only -30mm and probably the most respected name in after-market suspension :D Ktec sell them,, plus you get the 5% meganesport discount. Mine were £250 fitted and a great investment.
Thanks for your comments, think I will get some. :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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