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How much tread are on new tyres?
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8mm I believe
how much would people pay for 4 contis with 7mm tread on? A garage has got a set near me.
My Toyo's had 8mm new if I remember correctly. So 7mm is not bad at all IMO, as long as it's even across the tread. :wink: you really want conti's?
They are like plasticine!

I invested on the tyres i have at the moment.. Goodyear eagle F1's. Ive done well over the amount of miles my contis did, 12k so far and there is still like loads of tread left!!!

I paid £125 a corner though :)
Would have to agree with Alex on Conti's being shite but if you can pick em up for a decent price like 50 a corner or summit then its well worth it IMO. 8)
to be honest, no, but if they're going cheap enough i might have considered it. Ive gone for 4 yokohamas.

How much????
The Pirellis on mine are a cracking tyre especially in the wet.
Anything less then 4 ton for a full new set for the meggy is great, I have seen some wanky unheard of make on Mytyres for 70 each but I wouldnt touch em with a barge pole! :lol:
Mark200780 said:
The Pirellis on mine are a cracking tyre especially in the wet.
I have the pirelli rosso's on the front but i don't think they are any better than the conti's
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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