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Ultra Blue... pics galore !!

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I'm not, and have been searching for pics of it for the last week or so.

When i have remembered to I have been saving copies, and so that you too can have the arse bored off u I have upped them to my webspace.

Sorry but theres no fancy index page or thumbnails...just the raw .jpgs

If you want em all there's an archive of the lot called "Ultra_blue.rar" so just d/l that

enjoy !!!!

/ Vol
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This is the pic that makes me wanna get the new phase 2 225. Looks soo cool. BUT u just know its been airbrushed :(

Originally way it like 4 weeks ago on the intranet at work as they had it on the home page advertisin the phase 2 launch .
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Oh........main bulk of the pics are from the Dieppe factory aswell
thought they were not doing silver any more

looks nasty in that pic anyway as do most of the full fats,
From my understanding In Europe they have Nimbus silver. Problem her ein the UK is that it kinda makes the current trophy not so special anymore and thus i beleive it was decided not to have that colour. Kinda keeps the prices a lil higher on the trophys that are for sale.
black looks mint. i honestly wouldnt know what to get recaros or full leather with headrest RS logo stiching ? advantages to both i guess. but with full leather you still get side airbags + decent rear seats with cupholders for guests to sit in when you take your mates out rather than the poverty spec rear seats you get when you specify the recaros.

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That black gold one looks awesome in the pics!! Its just a shame they've toned down the front bumper. If you could match the old bumper with the new style lights and grille that would look quality!! :D :D
Some good old pics there!!!!

Blacks look good! :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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