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!!!URGENT HELP!!! Megane 225 loud bang, won't accelerate and stop warning light

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HI, I'm on need of urgent help. My 225 cup has had a p0420 code for a month or so and in the last week has regularly needed jump starting and the traction de-activating as soon as ignition on.

Left work tonight and immediately the traction control is disabled followed by the steering rack not operating properly, feeling notchy and clunky and the headlights flickering when moving off from dead still. I made it about a kilometre without an issue but as soon as I gently accelerated up to speed there was a massive bang from what I think was the exhaust, my assumption for this was the cat detonating but not 100%. Immediately it would not accelerate and revs would break up under any acceleration, this was accompanied by a multitude of dash lights including; ABS LIGHT, SPANNER SYMBOL, BRAKING FAULT ON SCREEN AND THE STOP LIGHT. I have my assumptions that this may be due to the cat exploding but doesn't explain any of the braking codes appearing. In the moment I believe i saw the check engine light illuminate immediately but it is no longer there and it may just be a cause of confusion.

Please, anyone who can advise, I desperately need help to make sure I haven't caused major damage or maybe if a pad has binded and let loose.

Thankyou in advance to anyone who has an idea of what's goin on,

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