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Washed and Waxed

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Just spent the last 2 hours washing and waxing it, it was minging after the weekend away!

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looks lowered ? has you got a shot of the rear to show how much its lowered by


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Yep its got Eibachs on it

i'll take one of the rear later on
cheers phil
looking good phil, still got my tape ready :lol:

and you could have put some tyre shine on to finish the job :wink:
Ran out doing the plastics :oops:
works real well on the bumper grill bits at the front and rear
Here's a pic of my rear endas requested! :lol:

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ermmm nice ass :wink:
Why thankyou!

(If it was anyone else from brighton i'd be worried :lol: :lol: )

Thanks for you help earlier today one thing i forgot to ask was what tyre pressures are you running with this setup

Just normal mate, 29 on the back and 32 on the front

Good luck with the fitting, like i said any probs give me a shout!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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