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ok my fello 225 owners, here is a question for you,

im running a K&N panel filter.
as most of you know im running the larger intercooler now and soon will be the re-map from RS-TUNING (paul) along with the zorst modifications and soon de-cat for some bigger bhp gains.

my question to you all is:

1.Should i keep the standard airbox with the K&N panel filter in
2.change the panel filter to another brand ie. ITG, GREEN or other. the standard panel filter in the air box an induction kit.

all i want is for the car to run at its best so if you think running an induction kit will be better for better air flow and will help with the extra bhp please let me konw,
or if you think running the standard air box with the extra power will be fine with an upgraded panel filter also please let me know.

not sure wat to do on this one so you views and comments would be cool.

andy b :D

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get the BBPT Green induction kit, run the custom feed to it. create a heat sheild on one side so the sound is still there but you dont drag hot air in from the engine

Original - 223 BHP and 231 lbs/ft of torque*

BB Exhaust and induction kit fitted - 241 BHP and 247 lbs/ft of torque*

that without a remap even ! 8)

i think the exhaust is just a revised back box section, so main gains are from induction. of course on their RR`d they would have the blowers in fron on the car with the bonnet open, hence why you should make a custom semi heat shield for it.
alternativley Kteck sell the full enclosed Viperx induction kit for the 225 but th sound wont be as loud as bbpt`s and its more expensive also.. but potencaily has better gains if only on warm days due to it being sealed.

go for induction, panel filters give a tiny bit more noise and flow and in some cars make a real difference but not so much as a custom feed + keep the original feed also (which you cant do on the viperx due to it being closed and only running one direct feed)

anyways have a look at the BBPT one.

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Andy have you got the measurements for that filter? If it fits shall we do a group buy on it?

I'd love a viper but they are soooo expensive for what they are.

I would definately get a sealed kit as the noise you get from an open kit will drive you insane
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