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Waxing a white car

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Hey chaps,

after some peoples recommendations for a good wax for metallic white paint? At the min I have dodo juice orange crush for the LY Clio but looking for a good wax when the BM arrives.

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Hi Luke,

Definitely a sealant on white buddy - two reasons, firstly they are less 'sticky' surface wise, so are better at repelling water and stuff like tar. Secondly, as they are 'less natural' (man made) they are made to be more 'reflective' than carnauba, which is found in most waxes. This added reflectivity really helps white along an awful lot in terms of overall finish.

This is my old silver R26 wearing Zaino Z2:

P1030785 by RussZS, on Flickr

P1030776 by RussZS, on Flickr

The other benefit to something like Zaino Z2 is its durability - 6 months is not a problem at all... unlike most waxes.

On darker cars... waxes 'look' better, but rarely on lighter ones (unless you go for mega high end waxes!)


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Most prefer a Sealant on light coloured cars as opposed to a Wax.

Blackfire - All Finish Paint Protection & Jeffs Werkstat Acrylic Jett Trigger

Those are two very good ones.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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