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West Mids members?

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Where are you all?

I live in stourbridge and commute to wolverhampton and never see another Meg about!
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i live in stourbridge mate :) no longer got the .R but now smoke round in a pearl white evo x.

What car/colour you drive?
Anyone round winson green/Hockley/edgbaston?
I work in hockley and drive to/from work past winson green :)
Do you drive your .R to/from work? How have I never seen you!! The only two I see are one that lives round the corner from me (Inferno 225) and another Blue 225 F1 that I always see in Springhill Tesco car-park! - The Blue, too, has had the same problems I've had!!! HaHa I couldn't stop laughing when the guy was saying he'd spent a fortune on simple things like I (most of us I mean!) have!
I don't own the R anymore mate (sold it about 18 months ago) but yes I used to take it to work now and then. It was white with black wheels. There used to be 3 or 4 meganes I'd see close to work bit none ever gave me a flash :(

Iv got a white evo x with grey wheels now so gimme a wave if you ever see me :)
well the area rep nick has just got himself a 200 so hopefully he will be back around soon.
in the mean time see if anyone else fancies it
Funny you should say this kid, Nicks just got himself a new camera so we've been thinking about getting an old skool night time meet/photoshoot arranged :)
tell him to get his arse into gear!
he's probably too busy polishing the bloody thing!!
Lol, we was going to try and sort something for tonight but weather is abit dull. We will get something arranged soon thou ;)
Haha glow in the dark green ;D between your roof and my engine bay, we should be visible from miles away.!

If we wait a couple of weeks (til me new exhaust shows up) we could maybe have a graffiti meet, followed by a tunnel run blast, then onto star city or a mutli story car park for a few night pics.
I'd say a Saturday night would be best. The police are more likely to be around on Sundays and star city right in the middle of the danger zone.
Yea I no mate, but you got to remember the crackdown from a couple years ago and the more recent one that was all over the news. Im sure we would be fine having a quiet meet on that car park thou :)
The more the merrier Mozzer :)

B7 5SA is star city.

Iv spoke to Nick so there will be a thread up in the next few days :signs013:
Nice one sunshine :) dates look fine to me. Will be good to get the megsport meets up and running again!
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