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What cleaning stuff do people use?

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Just finished cleaning and polishing my megane. Don't know why because in this weather a mile down the road and it looks like crap.

Been useing Autoglym and its not bad, but was wondering what everyone else uses?

Any useful wise tales for making the car look good for longer?
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Ask dave what i use! :lol: :lol: said:
Ask dave what i use! :lol: :lol:
Ha, shame my old post has gone :lol: :lol:

I use wash and wax and autoglym polish etc.
G said:
Ask dave what i use! :lol: :lol:
Can't leave it at that!
I use Meguiars the gold class its very good think its around £15 a bottle
I've been using Meguiars stuff since i got the Megane and i'm pretty impressed so far.

They do some tasty products, their wax/polishes bring up a great finish on my inferno 225 :D :D
I use magic juice! :lol:
May be Emily would like to buy some, thats more of a ladies way of cleaning a car :lol:
No darling i use Daz its really tough dont want to break in to a sweat let the cleaner do the work i say :roll:
Emily your back darling, anyone would think you like being in here. I wouldn't use Daz to clean my car. Altohugh i suppose the average TT driver might :lol:
i also use Meguiars gold polish and there tyre shine and wheel cleaning gear, bit pricey compared to other stuff but it leaves a great finish on the body.
Ok then dave wants to know again!

I use a waterless car wash, its full of canuba wax and is 100% organic.

It waxes polishes and uv protects your paint work.

From rotten dirty to a glossy wax finish in one wipe.

It doesn't scratch your paint work or leave any swirl marks at all.

So you could even wash your car once you get to a meet or a cruise!

If you would like the looong version of how this works you can have a look here:

If i run out of this i use the flash car wash with the auto dry thingy, its works well and always leaves the pain out of leathering off your car.
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that flash stuff never worked on my old 225 cos of the paint gaurd on it
Didn't it andy? :? Strange! I've found it to be awesome on all our cars.

Clevar how it works though
I use: Oh dear, it's not sunny outside, I can't possibly wash the car today!


I use Swissol onyx wax which is really good and one of the cheaper 'premium' waxes retailing at £40 approx. For wheels it's Virosol which is amazing, not much work involved at all and Zymol, Swissol or Activ-F for car shampoo.

Just used Meguiars Quick Clay (quick my ass, bloody liars) and that Williams F1 with Carnauba from Halfords. Both of which seem to be very good :)
andy bassett said:
that flash stuff never worked on my old 225 cos of the paint gaurd on it
Adam, thats good promotion for you :lol:
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