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What Fuel?

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What fuel would you recon is best for overall performance? I use optimax which about £3 per tank more. Its only £3 but all those pennies add up. I do 90% motorway miles.

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I use optimax all the time not really sure why though.
im the same.....i do 90% motorway driving. Im using a combination of sainsbury 95 and 97 RON. Mainly 97 RON as its only 87.9 in Watford as opposed to 85.9 for 95 RON. 80p per tank more but its worth it.
94.6 optimax the only one to use :lol: :lol:
drive mainly in town and country.

Well I am the odd one out here, I use BP Ultimate, Mainly because in my area (the NW) Shell are closing garages at an alarming rate and I wanted an account for my fuel as I go through about £500 a month.
Having used Optimax until switching to Ultimate I can honestly say there is no difference whatsoever!
I have tried the Tesco 99 RON fuel and found that to be just the same as BP and Shell.
The Shell stuff in Belgium at 102 RON though was certainly better that Optimax but retarded the engine and left it lumpy as hell after a tankfull.
I stick with Optimax only. Got into the habit of running my old 172 on it so have stuck with it in the 225. :D
ok im going to eat humble pie on this one, iv always said im happy to use normal 95ron petrol, but after reading the last post about fuel i thought id give it a try and see wat all the fuss is about and realy try to see if i can notice any difference, i run the fuel to empty and it must have bin empty as it took £52 of bp ultimate unleaded :shock:

could i feel the difference, hell yeah, after about 2 miles the car felt quicker more responsive on pull away, not sure on the MPG as not bin on a run yet, but now all the rear on mine is stipped out i dare say its going to get slightly better.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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