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What is Claying then?

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I noticed a few people us clay on their car, how does it work?
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You buy it from Meguirs and you get a bar of clay and a bottle of spray . You are using the clay to removed deposits such as tar , grit and other deposits that stick to your paintwork ... I found that it removed little bits of rusty grit that had adhered to my boot ... Cracking stuff ...
I think it's some sort on polish my mate uses it on his Teg ment to be good not tryed it myself though.
Cool might have to get some of that!
thats about the right sort of price, halfords by me just started selling all the meguiars stuff, i se it to, very good stuff
I just spent 4hrs last week using Meguairs Quik Clay followed by DC Step 1 & 2 and NXT wax. Can say all are exceelent product and made the car looking amazing until the rain arrived. :(
£12.99 at Halfords, bought some yesterday. As Toppper225 says it removes all debris from the bodywork and basically leaves it feeling like glass. Top stuff, makes waxing easier too :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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