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Kicking off in 2004 we saw the first of the RS Mégane's. Slightly misunderstood at first, Renault seemed to be aiming the car as a fast but comfy cruiser. With a slightly softer setup but yet being endowed with the legendary Renault Sport badge it received mixed reviews.

Whatever you thought of the original RS Mégane, there is no doubt it made a big impact with its purposeful yet understated looks and underneath that slightly less than hardcore suspension setup there was always lurking one of the best chassis ever to be forged at the Dieppe plant in France.

In a swift response to sharpen up the RS Mégane and silence its critics in 2005 the Trophy edition appeared.

A number of key improvements were made which although not significantly altering the appearance of the car certainly helped to re direct the Megane Sport back towards its hot hatch roots.

Small modifications to the steering, brakes and suspension all added up to a big change and finally the Megane was taken very seriously as a leader in the hot hatch sector.

As the trophy was a limited edition with a mere 160 destined for the UK a "cup" version followed shortly after which offered an identical chassis setup in a non limited edition with a wider choice of colours (The trophy was exclusively available in Nimbus Grey).

The Cup chassis today also offers a Limited Slip Diff if your looking at buying an R26 or 250. The ride is a little stiffer, but the handling is out of this world. Many owners and reviews comment saying "Its Like Driving on Rails".

A Mégane with Cup Chassis will have Red Brake Calipers, where as the non cups will have Silver. Another way to tell on the Phase 1 and 2 cars is the discs. Cup cars will have drilled, whereas the non cup will have solid.

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