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Wheel Respray

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I've just had a quote of £130+vat per wheel to respray my 8 spokes the same colour as the Clio182.

That sound s a lot of money or am I just not being realistic about prices.

The idea came about through a thread on this site awhile ago I think :?

What does anyone think a good adea or not :?:
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way to much money, i got quoted £70 + vat to do my old silver 225 alloys and still said no.
would rather pay a little bit extra and a brand new set of cup alloys and have the silver ones as spares or sell them and get some money back.
if your on about the FCS come meet us all at the hotel we are staying at , its only 5 min away from the event, its up to you guys, then quite a few of us could go in as a group and give it large
1 - 4 of 48 Posts
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